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  • Moroccan Mint Natural Wax Candle
  • Moroccan Mint Natural Wax Candle
  • Moroccan Mint Natural Wax Candle
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Beldi Maison

Moroccan Mint Natural Wax Candle

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Our hand poured Moroccan mint candles made from plant-based waxes, are infused with the refreshing aroma of Moroccan mint, which creates a delightful and invigorating atmosphere when lit.

The fragrance of Moroccan mint adds a touch of exoticism to the candle. It combines the cooling and uplifting scent of mint leaves with hints of herbal and citrus notes, creating a unique and refreshing aroma. The minty scent can evoke a sense of tranquility and relaxation, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day or creating a serene ambiance during meditation or self-care rituals.

The use of natural wax means that it does not produce harmful toxins or soot when burning, making it a healthier choice for both you and the environment.

Whether used for aromatherapy, decoration, or to create a peaceful atmosphere, our Moroccan mint candle offers a sensory experience that delights the senses and transports you to a serene Moroccan oasis.

Available in 12cl lidded amber glass jar or a larger 30cl amber vessel.

Our candles come in eco friendly Kraft paper box with a candle care card, which make the perfect for gifting!

Hand poured in SE London