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  • Wild & Stone Baby Weaning Suction Plate - Over The Rainbow (Pink)
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Wild & Stone Baby Weaning Suction Plate - Over The Rainbow (2 Colours Available)

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Make feeding time a little easier with Wild and Stone’s Over The Rainbow bamboo suction plate; avoid spills and mess by sticking the plate onto a table or a highchair tray down using the suction cup base to ensure it stays in place, which is removable as your little ones grow out of their throwing phase!

Bamboo Baby Plate

This bamboo plate has a brightly coloured, welcoming design with an easy-grip design to ensure small hands can hold and grab on the go. This baby plate is made from eco-friendly material and BPA-free silicone to ensure no nasties are getting near your baby.

Watch your little ones engage in mealtime in a whole new way whilst knowing their plate is ethically made, food-safe certified and free from chemicals. Bamboo bowls and plates have a natural antimicrobial property that makes them resistant to absorbing odours and limits the growth of bacteria.

The multi-portion design on this bamboo suction plate ensures that your little one receives all the nutrition they need to grow and thrive. The sections can be used to separate food from yoghurts, sauces, dips, perfect for picky eaters, and the rounded, raised sides make scooping a breeze.

Another perk of this natural bamboo suction plate is its lasting power; this plate will grow with your baby as they transition from infant to toddler and can be used across siblings.

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Baby-Led Weaning

This is a unique method to introduce solid foods to babies; this method skips purees and goes straight to finger foods. It is called baby-led weaning because this method allows your baby to feed themselves the healthy meals they want to eat right from the start.

The following are some of the advantages of this weaning method:

  • Encourages babies to become more accustomed to a wider range of textures and flavours in food. In the long run, this may make kids more likely to have more varied and healthful eating preferences.
  • Stimulates the development of fine motor skills. Sticking to finger food promotes the development of manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination abilities.

Are Bamboo Plates Worth It?

The variety of products available for our young children can be overwhelming when it comes to selecting items for them. As humans, we are frequently guilty of focusing solely on a product's design or eye-catching packaging, rather than its functionality or substance. Thankfully, these bamboo suction plates are both eye-catching and good for our little ones.

These BPA and toxin-free bamboo plates guarantee they won't leach dangerous components into your child's meals. Bamboo is a high-quality, extremely robust material with a long and useful lifespan. Given that children enjoy playing with everything, including things they shouldn't, this can help safeguard the plates and bowls from being flung or dumped onto the floor from a highchair.

Bamboo is also highly resistant to stains and odours, as well as being water-resistant.

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