Find The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts In Bromley!

Find The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts In Bromley!

At Beldi Maison, we have a beautiful selection of Mother’s Day gifts in Bromley to make every mum smile. Our shop is located in Sundridge Park if you’re a Bromley local. Or you can shop online for delivery direct to your door (or your mum’s!)

Spoiler alert…mum does not want a hoover/oven gloves/cleaning products for Mother’s Day. Instead, she deserves a gift that makes her feel loved and pampered.

Our range of stunning gifts will make every mum feel special. Think jewellery, fragrances, chocolate and homewares. The perfect Mother’s Day gift is right here…


Jewellery box by Nkuku

Tama Jewellery Box By Nkuku

This gorgeous jewellery box by Nkuku is practical and stylish - the perfect gift to dazzle mum on her special day.

The brass mesh detail adds an interesting decorative detail. It is perfect for storing necklaces, bracelets and watches. 

And, as with all gifts we stock, Nkuku products are ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable. So you can shop with peace of mind that you’re making a wholesome choice.

Yoga Essentials Kit By Norfolk Natural Living

Yoga Essential Kit By Norfolk Natural Living

Is mum a yoga bunny? This kit, by Norfolk Natural Living, is one of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts in Bromley!

Handmade in Norfolk, the Yoga Essentials Kit will add a bit of indulgence to mum’s yoga ritual; 

  1. Spritz a little mood mist around the space to fill the air with calm and tranquility
  2. Gently roll the aromatherapy oil onto pulse points and take three slow, deep breaths.
  3. Lightly mist the yoga mat with the light refresher and wipe down with a damp cloth.

Salted Pistachio White Chocolate Bar by Coco Pzazz

Salted Pistachio White Chocolate Bar By Coco Pzazz

The clue’s in the name, this is not your average chocolate bar! We adore the salted pistachio white chocolate bar and think it’s one of the best (and tastiest) Mother’s Day gifts in Bromley.

In addition to using high quality ingredients, Coco Pzazz packaging is also entirely eco-friendly. The outer packaging is recyclable and the inside film is compostable. 

So mum can enjoy her chocolate gift and salute you for saving the planet!

The Leaping Hare Nature Almanac

The Leaping Hare Nature Almanac Book

Does mum seem stressed? Help her embrace the blooming benefits of nature, mindfulness and eco-therapy in this stunning month-by-month nature almanac

Each page shares an eco-insight for nature connection, and the yearlong structure means that activities are tailored for the natural seasonal rhythms which guide us through winter, spring, summer and fall.

This is the perfect practical gift to show mum you care about her wellbeing.

 Linen Eye Pillow By Blasta Henriet

Linen Eye Pillow By Blast Henriet

This lovely linen Eye Pillow can be used as a warm compress to relieve dry eyes and across the body to ease migraines, cramping and pain.

Chilled, it can reduce swelling, puffy eyes and cool mum down on a hot day (or during those hot flushes).

This is a wonderful gift for tired mums who need a bit of pampering. 

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At Beldi Maison, we sell a wide range of sustainable home and gift products from talented craftspeople across the globe. Our ethos focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly products. Our store is also dog-friendly and child-friendly - we sell a range of accessories for pets and kids in-store.

Our carefully curated collection of gifts is sure to make any Mum feel loved and appreciated.

Visit the store in Sundridge Park - we’re open Monday to Saturday, or shop online for delivery to your home.