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  • Zadie Etched Ceramic Small Neutral Planter By Nkuku
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Zadie Etched Ceramic Small Neutral Planter By Nkuku

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The Zadie ceramic plant pot has a neutral soft terracotta tone. The curvacious shape is well suited to house plants.

The pot is decorated with an attractive geometric pattern, that adds an appealing detail as well as providing a layer of texture.

The pattern is applied by hand and the pots themselves are made using a coiling technique.

Rolls of clay are layered upon each other then smoothed down, creating this tactile pot.

The Zadie plant pot has an understated and pared back look that fits effortlessly inside and out.

Care Instructions

To care for your planter, we recommend storing away or inside for the winter months and cleaning a minimum of twice yearly using warm soapy water to prevent a build up of dust, dirt or mould. Due to the natural materials and handmade nature, we expect to see variations in the colour of the item.

Dimensions (h x w x d)16.5 x 13.5 x 13.5cm

Material: Ceramic

Made in Vietnam

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