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Beldi Maison


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Welcome to the first couple of workshops hosted by Cheryl of Inspired in Brockley. Join Cheryl’s journey of colour, polymer clay & more!

What to expect from the workshop

  • To make 2 pairs of earrings, or 1 pair and 1 other accessory (necklace, hair clip).
  • The baked and finished goods will arrive with you shortly after the workshop. They will be finished in Cheryl’s home during the week after the event.
  • Learn about some key differences between types of polymer clay and how to use their different qualities for desired effects.
  • Access to tools, machinery, a vast selection of clay and cutters (lots of heart!)!
  • Feel inspired (near Brockley).

What the workshop expects from you

  • Maybe bring a friend too!
  • Maybe bring some images, make some hearts or go deep into a mood board!
  • Ask questions

 Cheryl has been using polymer clay to make earrings as part of her small business for almost 2 years. Throughout this time she has been interacting with other makers using polymer clay, providing advice and guidance. She’s an extensive researcher, which she applied to teaching herself how to work with this medium. The results show in the success of the business and the response from customers. These workshops came about via customer request!

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