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Kenyan Handmade Sisal Basket In Rust & Natural

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This is the small basket, browse our collection here for other sizes and colour combinations. 

This basket has been made sustainably using traditional hand weaving techniques by groups of talented women-weavers living in rural Kenya. A beautiful part of Africa with baobab trees, cattle and small villages dotted around an impressive, flat topped mountain. Artisans & Adventurers baskets are all fairly traded and ethically produced using natural dyes wherever possible.

Use them as plant pots, gift baskets and general storage, for just about anything. 

Care: Your basket may arrive folded or slightly out of shape. When this occurs, Kenyan baskets can be easily brought back to life with a quick steam using a steamer or steam setting on your iron. Steam the basket and manually shape. Please be careful as the basket may be hot. 

We recommend placing a small dish or saucer in the base of your Kenyan basket when using them as plant pots, this prevents the base from becoming damp and rotten when watering. Ideally we suggest you remove your plants and place in the sink or bath tub when soaking. 

To clean your Kenyan basket, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge, remove most of the moisture with a dry towel and leave to air dry naturally.

Avoid placing your Kenyan basket in direct sunlight as this may cause some of the colours to fade.


Small: Approximately 15.5 diameter x 20.5 height

Handmade ethically in Kenya