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  • How To Repair Everything - A Green Guide To Fixing Stuff
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Beldi Maison

How To Repair Everything - A Green Guide To Fixing Stuff

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With advice on tools, materials and methods and written in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format, this is a book that makes it easier to say 'NO' to our disposable society and make a real difference.

'Covers a vast range of jobs and gives simple, clear instructions' - Sunday Post
'Reminds us that there's a solution for every problem' - Glamour

Not everything has built-in obsolescence - as this fantastically handy guide to
fixing everyday objects proves! Whether you need to repair the strap of a favourite handbag or mend a leak in a washing machine, How to Repair Everything is packed full of tips and tricks of the trade for the person who likes to do-it-yourself. From quick fixes that will get you out of a jam to permanent solutions that make the item good as new, this is perfect for anyone who hates the throwaway society and would much rather refurb and recycle.

Whether it's a sweater that's shrunk in the wash, a broken umbrella spoke or fixing a microwave oven, you'll be amazed just how many things can be mended
with a few tools and a bit of patience.