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  • How To Draw Anime - Learn to Draw Anime and Manga
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How To Draw Anime - Learn to Draw Anime and Manga - Step by Step Anime Drawing Book for Kids & Adults

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Do you want to learn how to draw anime characters in an easy, step-by-step way? Looking for the best guidebook to teach you the essential skills you need to bring your characters to life? Then this book is for you!
Inside this brilliant drawing book, you’ll uncover everything you need to know about creating the perfect anime character. Covering heads, facial features, body proportions, emotions, clothing, and even basic character models for you to try, this book is the perfect way for you to get started with the world of anime!
Great for all skill levels, now even a complete beginner can learn to draw with ease. Plus, drawing is also scientifically proven to help you unlock your inner creativity, promote mindfulness and relaxation, and help you destress and relieve anxiety. A great gift for anime fans of all ages, it’s also a wonderful skill for passing the time when you’re stuck indoors.
Book details:

  • Ideal for all ages and skill levels
  • A great activity for passing the time and providing hours of fun
  • Step-by-step instructions designed to make learning to draw simple!
  • Covers heads, facial features, posture, proportions, emotions, clothing and more
  • Makes the perfect gift for birthdays, stocking stuffers and holidays
  • Promotes creativity, artistic ambition, mindfulness, stress relief and more

So if you’re looking for a fun, simple and step-by-step way of learning to draw anime characters, then you’ve come to the right plac5