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Handmade Lokta Paper Christmas Cards

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Handmade Lokta Christmas Cards

  • Lovingly made in Nepal 
  • Handprinted using the screen printing technique 
  • Set of 6 x A6 Christmas Cards & Envelopes
  • This set includes 2 cards per design 
  • Gold screenprint on handmade Lokta  paper

We collaborated with a team of craftsmen and women in Nepal to create our Lokta Christmas Cards. They are handprinted with designs that are drawn by an independent illustrator. 

The cards as such are made from Lokta paper, please note it's not as sturdy as card.

I love the feel and appearance of Lokta paper,   the creation of Lokta paper products has been perfected through generations of traditional Himalayan craftsmanship.

Lokta paper is handmade using the bark from the Lokta shrub and dried in the sun. This plant grows in the Himalayas and naturally sheds its bark each year whilst continuing to grow, allowing the locals to harvest this sustainable source and turn it into beautiful eco-friendly papers. 

Fair Trade Product: Our Notecards are ethically made in Nepal. Every purchase contributes to an educational support program, providing scholarships to underprivileged children from remote parts of Nepal. You can feel good knowing that this purchase has a positive environmental and social impact on communities.